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sheepskin throw

A natural material

Clothes, furniture, accessories and more made of fur are products made of natural materials. This makes them a lot more interesting than all of the nondegradable items we buy every day. There are many advantages that comes with wearing and investing in natural fur. One of these are, as many of us already know, that natural skin and fur is of high quality. Of course, fur from wild animals can have scratches and irregularities, but at NATURES Collection we carefully select the fur that matches our brand and individual products, so the material is used as it should and not wasted. This makes our products items of high quality, also because of all the extra work that is put into it. To get to the bottom of this, we have to consider the fact, that wearing fur is wearing something, that was once the skin of a living creature. This makes it a great investment that can last a lifetime if you take good care of it. Another thing, that not many of us think about, is the fact that natural fur equals a clear conscience. Buying these natural materials, you do not have to worry about adding any more nondegradable items to the planet.

Sustainable fashion all year around

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to wear sustainable clothes and accessories every day all year? When you think about fur as clothes, many of us automatically think about fur coats, that keep us warm in the cold winter months. But fur is not only for the cold days. In fact, it can be used all year round. Fur accessories are a great example on how to incorporate fur into your summer wardrobe. You can get bags, hats, hair bands and even shoes. You can also wear a fur poncho, vest or a scarf for those long summer nights. This gives you plenty of opportunities and innovative ways to integrate fur in the summer and spring as well. It is also important for us to mention, that while you enjoy the warm months, you should take care of your fur coat at storage it with care. Don’t store it at home in a basement or a closet wrapped in plastic. Instead you need to storage it in a 100% fireproof cold storage vault every summer. 

Real fur vs. faux fur

When you wear our fur, you contribute to minimize waste by wearing something that would have been tossed out from the meat factories and you wear something that can biodegrade itself in nature. This is an amazing quality about fur, but it is unfortunately also very misunderstood. When people buy faux fur, they believe that they have made a huge difference to protect the animals. But they do not consider, that they are hurting the planet so much more. When wearing a faux fur, it will shed as much as a natural one. This does not make it more life-like. Instead, it poses a great threat to the environment. When a faux fur, which is made of plastic, sheds into the world, it adds these little uncontrollable fibers into the world and into the ocean, where the fish thinks it is food. And we all know how that story ends.